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Thank you for your interest in piano lessons at Keynotes Piano Studio. Keynotes is dedicated to teaching piano in a way that excites and motivates students. Our goal is to use a variety of learning experiences to help students develop amazing piano skills, confidence, and a love of music.  We have discovered that one of the biggest factors of students staying motivated with piano is to play music that they love. We have a huge collection of a variety of music on all levels so that all students can find something that will keep them engaged and practicing. 

Tuition is $120/month. Students average of 4 lessons each month (48 lessons/year)

Tuition includes weekly lessons, warm up book, lesson book, theory book, unlimited sheet music prints, games, worksheets, flashcards, an incentive program, access to extra time in the note lab, workshops, and bonus lessons for recital preparation.



There is a $20 registration fee that will hold your lesson spot and includes a lesson, binder, starting set of books. This can be paid by Venmo or ACH(@keynotes-margeeconnolly)



Keynotes uses ACH payment to ensure safe and secure payment. Once you complete registration, you will receive a form by email to authorize ACH withdraws. Automatic payments will be made during the first week of each month.

Performing is an important experience for all piano students. It is motivating to have deadlines to finish and master piano pieces.  Students learn performance skills, overcome stage fright, and enjoy celebrating their progress from recitals.

Keynotes offers several performance opportunities each year:
-Spring Recital-April
-Summer Piano at the Park-August

-Fall Recital-November
-Christmas Performance/Workshop-December
-Service Performances at local Senior Care Centers & other venues

Keynotes carries the books and materials your students needs. All materials are included with tuition.

This will include a Fingerpower Book or other warmup book, Piano Adventures Lesson & Theory Book, and unlimited prints of music from our digital library.

Students will need either a piano or keyboard for practicing. Keyboards should be full sized with 88 keys. Let me know if you need help choosing a piano or keyboard or need a piano tuner. I can provide recommendations. Keynotes has keyboards that can be rented for $30/month.

Students will often be assigned to practice with the metronome to improve their rhythm. Each student needs access to a metronome. There are metronome apps available but we recommend having a physical metronome near the piano to make it easy and accessible to students. You can purchase a metronome from Keynotes, buy one on amazon, or at a music store.

Learning to play the piano is a big commitment but the benefits are worth it! Learning anything of value requires daily practice. Teachers will give specific assignments at each lesson. Students will need support, encouragement, and structure at home to help them successfully progress. We challenge our students to practice 5-6 days a week. Each practice session should average 20-45 minutes depending on age and level. Some students do better to practice twice a day in smaller amounts of time others sit and complete practicing in one session. Practicing burnout is normal and to be expected. Learning to play the piano is hard work. Parents often need to create a system of rewards and accountability.

Students will have a piano binder with a weekly practice sheet with specific assignments. Students need to open the binder everyday and read specifics, and complete the assignment. After practicing they should record the minutes they practiced at the bottom of the assignment sheet. 



Lessons times are offered Monday through Thursday 2:30-7:30 pm. During the day lessons are also available upon request. During the summer months there will also be a few options earlier in the day.

The studio closes for 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and winter holiday break. It remains open for all other holidays. 



We love scheduling make up lessons because this means more time at the piano for your student and more progress! When you miss for any reason you have the opportunity to schedule a make up lesson.  Text 24 hours before your scheduled lesson and let us know when you will not be there. We will offer several options for a new lesson time. If a student is sick with anything contagious such COVID, Strep, or Flu please stay home.  Notify by text ahead of time and they can switch to an online lesson sometime that week or come for two lessons the next week. It is always beneficial to have more than one lesson in a week after a vacation or illness. It just means more help and support. You can also choose to pass up the opportunity for a makeup lesson when needed (but there will not be a refund).Keynotes will be closed for major holidays. There are not refunds for these lessons but you will never be charged for a 5th lesson. The year should average out to 4 lessons per month. At any point if you feel like you have not had enough lessons in a month reach out by text for a makeup lesson options.

We have a fun incentive program to motivate students.
Here is how students earn points:
1 point for every day of practicing
1 point for every page of theory

10 points for finishing a book
10 points for performing 
Extra points are also earned by memorizing a song, having a good attitude, playing games, and working extra hard. Once they earn 50 points they have the opportunity to choose prizes from the piano store.

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Our Schools

Jupiter Kids Partner with the following schools

Mountain Ridge Elementary School

Kassis Academy

Stoneybrook Elementary School

Blue Lake School

Jefferson Prep School

Arnolds Arts Academy


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